Space Beacon

Space Beacon, 2013

A site-specific sculpture at Big Rock Garden Park,

Bellingham, Washington

Space Beacon was assembled with found and recycled materials – colored fishnets, marine rope, wood poles, rock, bocce ball & crushed oyster shell mix – measures 6 ft (1.82 m ) high X 9 ft (2.74 m) diameter.

This installation defines a meditative space that reflects the fusion of Himalayan and Pacific Northwest nature and culture. Symbolically, the five poles represent the central axis and the directions of north, south, east & west. A rock marks the focal point of the triangular composition. Its architecture references teepee-like structures found in many native traditions. 

Weaving wood poles together with marine rope, I use tension to balance and define the sculpture’s shape. Inspired by the geometry of fishnets, I wrap and drape the material around the structure to create a transparent skin. At the same time, these multi-colored nets, layered one on top of another, create depth, light, and shadow.