Shantiko Samjhana – Remembering Peace-2002/03

Shantiko Samjhana – Remembering Peace, 2002 & 2003, Nepal

“Shantiko Samjhana- Remembering Peace” was first introduced through an exhibition of drawings, banners and living sculptures at the Siddhartha Art Gallery, Kathmandu in 2002. This show introduced and coincided with the creation of a temporary outdoor installation at Rani Pokhara (Queen’s Pond) and two ecological art works: “Remembering Peace Park” in Kathmandu and “Remembering Peace Grove” in Pharping, a village ten miles south of the capitol.

In 2003, Jyoti collaborated with the Kathmandu Metropolitan City and the Golchha organization to expand the “Remembering Peace Park.” He also created “New Awakening Memorial,” which commemorated the thousands of lives lost in Nepal’s eight-year struggle for democracy.

Shantiko Samjhana Batika – Remembering Peace Park, 2002, Kathmandu

Shantiko Samjhana – Remembering Peace Grove, 2002, Pharping

Nava Jagreti Smarak – New Awakening Memorial, 2003, in Shantiko Samjhana Batika- Remembering Peace Park, Kathmandu