Shantiko Samjhana Batika – Remembering Peace Park, 2002, Kathmandu

Shantiko Samjhana – Remembering Peace installation
Shantiko Samjhana Batika – Remembering Peace Park

2002, Kathmandu

“Shantiko Samjhana – Remembering Peace” was a three-phase participatory project that expressed aspirations for peace during a time of turmoil and civil unrest in Nepal. For the temporary installation, “Shantiko Samjhana – Remembering Peace,” three thousand oil lamps dedicated to nonviolence and healing were illuminated around the Rani Pokhari (Queen’s Pond) at dusk for four nights. Jyoti personally invited the public to participate by distributing invitations in Kathmandu’s major public spaces.

“Shantiko Samjhana” culminated in the establishment of a permanent “Remembering Peace Park” on the south side of Rani Pokhari. The Kathmandu Metropolitan City provided and cleared the land. In collaboration with Kumari Nursery, tree saplings and flowering plants and bushes were planted to create an urban oasis in the city center.

An educational component of the project was initiated by the Johnson Center for Undergraduate Excellence at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Students participated in a discussion about the project through a live audio hookup from Kathmandu that included a question and answer session.