Shades of Seeds

Shades of Seeds

2nd Kathmandu International Art Exhibition

Nepal Art Council Gallery, Kathmandu, 2012

Shades of Seeds, a site-specific installation for the 2nd Kathmandu Fine Arts Festival 2012, offered a visual perspective on the interconnections between climate change and biodiversity.

The richly colored seeds and grains displayed on a cracked mud floor in mounds and in a variety of vessels, is a metaphor for climate change and Earth’s fragility. This installation touches on many ideas: the beauty of nature, the threat of genetic mutation and monoculture, the importance of nutrition, and the celebration of harvest during Nepal’s Festival of Lights. The multitude of colors, shapes, and sizes of these precious seeds represent nature’s complexity. Harbingers of life, they are now more vulnerable due to the corporatization of agriculture and climate change.

Shades of Seeds honors Nepal’s rich farming tradition, which is dependent on the availability of fresh water. The installation reflects the value of preserving diversity in nature and culture.