Nava Jagreti Smarak – New Awakening Memorial-2003

Nava Jagreti Smarak – New Awakening Memorial & Shantiko Samjhana Batika- Remembering Peace Park, 2003 Kathmandu

In 2003, Jyoti collaborated with the Kathmandu Metropolitan City and the Golchha organization to expand the “Remembering Peace Park.” He also created “New Awakening Memorial,” which commemorated the thousands of lives lost in Nepal’s eight-year struggle for democracy.

This permanent installation was made of river rocks collected from regions of Nepal and marked with the names of their location. A stupa-shaped mound was formed to evoke the shrines in the Himalayan Mountains where individuals place stones as offerings.

Conceived as an expression of unity through creativity, the memorial responded to a poem written by his grandfather, Dharani Dhar Koirala:

This is an age of new awakening
Now seize upon this new direction and then
By caring for your county, supporting your nation
The succulent nectar of peace will flow

“Nava Jagreti” from the collection of poems, Naibadhy, 1920

(This poem was printed on a banner erected at the park and appeared on the invitation to the dedication ceremony.)