Earth Colors

Earth Colors

In 1996, Jyoti began working with red clay found along the shores of Kerr Lake, North Carolina and later gathered from sites around the world. When dried, ground, and mixed with gum arabic (sap from the Acacia tree), its deep tones penetrate handmade paper, linen, and repurposed sanding belts.

Jyoti rubs color directly onto the the surface and also applies a variety of earth pigments by brush. He soon introduced yellow turmeric into his palette as well as shilajit, a jet black, tar-like substance used in Ayurvedic medicine. This Himalayan material boldly animates Jyoti’s meditative and calligraphic writing.

Earth on Canvas

Earth on Nepali Paper

Earth on Repurposed Sanding Belt – Sculpture

Earth on Repurposed Sanding Belt – Painting