Digital EarthTree

Digital EarthTree, 1998

Earth-Tree evokes a lingam (an object symbolic of Shiva’s divine energy) that seems to dissolve and reappear in glowing light. This series is based on an installation that Jyoti created during a camping trip to Kerr Lake, NC. He attached red clay, brown egg shells, and fishing line found on the site to the trunk of a tree.

After photographing this work, Jyoti scanned the photo and created WebMotion animated images. WebMotion, a process developed and named by the artist, contains many individual artworks that are layered in sequence to capture time and movement. This allows Jyoti to preserve each stage of the artistic process, which would otherwise be lost in a finished painting or drawing.

Earth-Tree was exhibited in 1999 at the Siddhartha Art Gallery, Kathmandu, as part of a multimedia installation titled Rato Mato-Red Earth.