Bamboo Sculpture

Bamboo and Reed

In 2006, Jyoti began re-contextualizing functional objects into new contexts. He shaped bamboo mats, used in Nepal for drying grains and other crops, into sculptures. Sinuous lines and deep volumes invite the exploration of the artwork’s continuously changing profile. He experimented with folding and rolling the mats in an origami-like manner. Curvature becomes paramount to the composition.

Jyoti also layered reed baskets, made in Nepal for carrying materials, with thick coats of red earth and aromatic beeswax. Accentuating the differences between interior and exterior surfaces, he created new forms that invite immersion into the sensory experiences of smell and touch. These sculptures reference Earth’s delicate balance and the ecological crisis of disappearing honey bee colonies.

Nanglos, circular bamboo weavings made for sifting grains in Nepal, became the ground for Jyoti’s work with multi-hued earth pigments. Here the glowing colors of the landscape find a new context for rediscovery. He also made nanglos into whimsical kinetic sculptures by hanging found objects with colorful telephone wire.