Jyoti layers reed baskets, made in Nepal for carrying materials, with thick coats of red earth and aromatic beeswax. Accentuating the differences between interior and exterior surfaces, he creates new forms that invite immersion into the sensory experiences of smell and touch. These sculptures reference Earth’s delicate balance and the ecological crisis of disappearing honey bee colonies.

Jyoti also selects ordinary objects and inventively changes their identity. Through this process, he highlights the color, smooth texture, and aroma of beeswax. The unexpected and often whimsical character of every day items are revealed.

2007, Beeswax, red earth, cane baskets and twine, 44 x 23 x 18- inch diameter

2007, beeswax, earth, twine, and bamboo baskets, 41 x 19 x 18- inch diameter