Outdoor Installations

Jyoti’s outdoor installations reflect his close affinity to the world of nature and politics. In Kathmandu, he created ecological artworks that revitalize both human communities and their relationship to the environment. Value: Measuring the Cost of Violence (2001), regarded as an influential milestone of installation art in Nepal, was a memorial to people whose lives were lost during conflict in his native country and around the world.

In the US, Jyoti’s intimately-scaled projects accentuate the beauty of overlooked landscape features – a sea of parched earth, tangled roots, the charred remains of a  hollowed tree trunk. By contrast, he strategically sited 33 carved wood sculptures in Joshua Tree National Park whose desert light animated their presence between boulders and cactus. His most recent installation, Melting Ice, was constructed at four museums in the US and Canada.

Melting Ice 2013 - 2018
Space Beacon at Big Rock Garden Park, Bellingham, Washington 2013
Port Angeles Fine Arts Center, Washington 2010 & 2011
Value: Visualizing the Cost of Violence, Kathmandu 2001
Shanti ko Samjhana - Remembering Peace, Kathmandu 2002
Myth of the Nagas and the Kathmandu Valley Watershed 1993
For the People of Nepal 1994
33 Sculptures, Joshua Tree National Park California 1998