ins-gallery-Wu Xing

Wu Xing : Five Elements

a Site Specific Installation at Sundaram Tagore Gallery  Hong Kong

January 5 – February 5, 2012


Wu Xing interprets the traditional Chinese elements—earth, water, fire, metal, and wood—which represent the fundamental forms of energy. It offers a multi-sensory experience of smell, sound, and touch with natural materials and functional objects such as bamboo baskets and vessels from Hong Kong and Nepal.

A singing bowl, one of components of the sculpture Stupa for Hong Kong, invites visitors to compose soothing tones with a wooden mallet, welcoming the New Year and heightening the meditative atmosphere of the space.

The variety of techniques and media in this installation reflects ideas of balance and transformation. Improvisational forms, primal colors, and an array of textures foster an environment for contemplating peace and the harmony of body and mind.