Earth Drawing to Digital Prints

John and June Allcott Gallery
Hanes Art Center
University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill
March 5 – 29, 2001
Earth Drawings to Digital Prints, UNC, Chapel Hill-2001

In Earth Drawings to Digital Prints, Jyoti presents two approaches to making art –  drawing with earth, an ancient creative process, and digital art, a new medium in its early evolution. He weaves together these two bodies of work to present the innovative possibilities of integrating nature and technology in art.

After collecting earth, Jyoti uses his fingers and palms to rub delicate shades of color into the natural fibers of handmade Nepali paper. The beauty of the land is given a new context for rediscovery. To create digital prints, earth drawings are scanned directly into the computer and transformed using Adobe Photoshop filters into a textured and layered digital print.  

The imagery of Tantric art reflects the influence of Jyoti’s Nepali heritage where art and ritual are part of daily life. The symbolism of his abstract compositions often suggest a spiritual dimension universal to many cultures. Three site-specific sculptures, including vessels of earth and singing bowls, transform the gallery into a meditative environment through color, texture, and sound. 

Installation view