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The Laband Art Gallery

Loyola Marymount University
Los Angeles, California

Divine Carriers: New Art from India and Nepal 1998

The digital and earth drawings presented here are part of an interactive installation of abstract artworks that are both traditional and electronic. The installation explores the similarities and differences between these two approaches. Digital artworks are juxtaposed with mixed-media drawings on hand-made Nepali paper to show similarities of geometric composition. Sculptures and a line drawing with pigments also provoke comparisons between the traditional and electronic methods of art making.

Four series of digital drawings – based on the circle, square, triangle and synthesis of all three shapes – show the evolution of the electronic drawing process. During the exhibition, new digital artworks will be created and added to my web site, which can be accessed in the gallery or at home. 

This installation also reflects the spirituality of nature expressed in  abstract symbols. The colors and iconography of Hindu and Buddhist rituals of Nepal have influenced my art. It is a synthesis of many other traditions, including Native American sand paintings, theosophy, and early modern abstract art.