In the 1970s, Jyoti began using watercolor and Dr Martin’s dye to translate his spontaneously rendered, abstract compositions into fluid forms. The medium responds well to the artist’s emphasis on free-flowing gestures that conjure tantric imagery. Jyoti also splatters and dissolves watercolors into atmospheric landscapes.

By contrast, Jyoti also employs bright, translucent colors to portray figures that are charming, humorous, and brimming with personality. In many works, he layers fields of color to create abstractions from which faces often appear. Watercolor facilitates the artist’s freedom to integrate and move freely between figural and abstract art.

Living in a small New York City apartment from 1990-1992, Jyoti worked on an intimate scale, filling sketch books with delicate pen-and-ink drawings. During this period, his mark-making became more calligraphic and whimsical.