Earth Drawing

In earth drawings, Jyoti combines pigments, gathered from the landscape, and turmeric powder to evoke a spontaneous form of visual poetry. Using richly colored clays and pastel shades of slates, he works the earth with fingers and palm directly into the handmade Nepali paper. Upon this layer, Jyoti applies additional earth colors, turmeric, and ink with a brush to create calligraphic fields that animate the composition. By taking cues from the plant fragments embedded in the natural fibers of the paper, Jyoti has developed a personal, improvisational approach to drawing.

Jyoti often renders his earth drawings into digital prints, exploring the connections between nature and technology. He compares and contrasts two different approaches to making art – one rooted in an elemental creative process and the other based on new media tools.

Earth pigments, turmeric, ink on handmade Nepali paper, 20 x 30 inches