In 1994, Jyoti began his Digital Drawings using a laptop computer and 3.1 Paintbrush program. By rendering and layering geometric forms, he created contemporary mandalas while expanding his approach to abstraction. 

During 1998, Jyoti began experimenting with Adobe Photoshop and importing images of his sculptures and paintings into the series Digital Narratives. They were manipulated and layered to convey surreal stories that unfold in imaginary landscapes. 

Jyoti began using Macromedia Flash in 2000 to create his vividly rendered FlashWorks. These lush biomorphic images also take the form of animations.

In 2001, Jyoti conceived the series Digital Earth, which was first shown at the Alcott Gallery, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. By comparing  the earliest and most contemporary approaches to making art, the artist presented a vision that unified nature and technology.

Jyoti created Western’s Chairs (2009) in response to the Western Gallery’s design collection. This series explored the limitless potential of the medium to translate the colors, forms, and textures of modern design.  

Digital Drawings
Digital Naratives
Western's Chairs