DistantSky is a series of WebMotions inspired by photographs from the Hubble telescope. In 1999 Jyoti interprets these astronomical portraits of galactic birth and death to create art works that reveal a different spectrum of color and light. Using these photos and breaking it down, the artist twist and changes the image to define colors, forms and textures.

He animates a sequence of individual layers by imagining the movement of stars in the process of transformation. As he interprets the dynamic of the universe in DistantSky, the artist remains true to its essence. In its symbolism and abstraction, the work express and emotional and spiritual connection with nature and the cosmos. In these WebMotions, Jyoti explores the energy between the molecular and galactic realms and the dynamic relationship between art and science. Using digital technology, the artist transforms images of space into a new genre of contemporary art.

These artworks are created with original photographs copyrighted by the Space Telescope Science Institute, operated by the Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy Inc. and NASA.